The following requests for prayers /and or praises were received during this Sunday’s worship service:
  • Please pray for me, Ms. King, Catherine King, and her children. 
  • Pray that I may live to reach the age of 100 years old.
  • Prayers for Susan
  • Prayers for Kevin, as he starts a new job.
  • Thanksgiving for fathers.
  • Prayers of assurance for those not here.
  • Healing prayers, both emotional & physical for Linda.
  • Prayers for those living w/ cancer
  • Prayers for Lantz & Amy.
  • Prayers for work audit responses & quarterly reports.
  • Prayers for Charles Krauthamer and Sen. John McCain.
  • Please pray for my Aunt Carolyn, who is still in the hospital with a lung infection, deep vein thrombosis, and mobility issues.
  • Please pray for my Uncle Jim, who is struggling with dementia and life in a memory care facility.
  • Prayers that we treat the immigrant and stranger the way you have commanded us to do.
  • Prayers for the many children who have been separated from their parents.
  • Prayers for Phyllis Cockrum’s health.