The following requests for prayers /and or praises were received during this Sunday’s worship service:
  • For the prayers on our hearts:  security; guidance; sickness/injury; financial issues; spiritual healing
  • Please be sure to pray for my good friend (Sally), the King family, the Murray family, the Wiley family, the Ward family, the members of Waco Housing Authority, and me that God my let me see 100 years of age!
  • Continued  prayers for Ernest’s healing.
  • Prayers for my old friend, Kenneth M, as he & his companions are in danger of homelessness in Austin.
  • Thank you for your prayers for my Aunt Carolyn who has been so sick with a lung infection and temporary dementia, and mobility issues.  The infection and dementia have cleared and her mobility is improving. Please continue praying for her.
  • Please continue to pray for my Uncle Jim who is suffering from dementia and doesn’t understand what is happening to him.
  • Prayers for Mary’s health.
  • Praises for Susan and all that she does for Mary & me.
  • Travel mercies for those on vacation
  • Prayers for those living w/ cancer.
  • Prayers for those w/ upcoming medical appointments
  • Prayers for those w/ dementia
  • Prayers for work & employees.
  • Prayers for Lantz & Amy and their work & employees’ challenges & decisions.
  • For my Dad, Pau Reeves, who is recovering from a broken hip, and for my ex-wife, Doris Reeves,” who is in the hospital for a hernia, and for the love of my life, Ronald Densman, to love me before it’s too late.